Sexual dimorphism is a cissexist conspiracy! >:-(

I don’t see what’s gender non-conforming about genderqueers, Tumblr or otherwise.

What’s more gender non-conforming?

1.Saying, “The things that I like and the activities I enjoy may have gendered associations but they are not inherently sexed so there is no need to take on some kind of additional identity.”
2.Saying, “the things I like and the activities I enjoy do not align with the gendered stereotypes and norms assigned to my sex, so I must be a different gender.”
Genderqueer politics assumes the second. I assume the first, because the second reifies gender and reproduces the bifurcated gender poles and all of their attendant stereotypes by claiming that deviation cannot exist within the “binary.”

Real world example: I’m male. My voice tends to have more tone and pitch variation than is considered conventionally masculine. A lot of people pick up on that (among other things) and I get read as gay quite a bit. I could pitch it down and level it out in to a nice gruff monotone if I really wanted to, but I hate how it sounds so I don’t. I also don’t think that a gruff monotone is inherent to male beings, but rather, an artifact of masculine socialization. Because I’m not performing as a man “ought to,” I’m engaging in gender non-conformity. How would my behavior be any more gender non-conforming if I claimed to be genderqueer? All that would do is reinforce the notion that a certain class of behaviors (gruff monotone) belongs to men and another class of behaviors (tone and pitch variation) belongs to women.

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