Sexual dimorphism is a cissexist conspiracy! >:-(


genderists repeatedly allow themselves to tell women what makes a woman and what their womanhood consists of.

but if a woman does the same, if she steps up and says her opinion about what her womanhood is to her, and that it is rooted in her biological reality and the…

See u next monday.

See u next monday.

It’s hard for me to understand how something could be liberating for women and also sexually exciting to women-haters.
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trans theory is patriarchy

the ideas of cis privilege and trans male privilege turn patriarchy on its head and make females the oppressors whether or not they identify as women

the idea that femininity is subversive when embraced by males (being trans) but oppressive when performed by the females who are forcibly socialized into it (being cis) is misogynistic

there’s nothing “feminist” about it

Most men never think about patriarchy—what it means, how it is created and sustained. Many men in our nation would not be able to spell the word or pronounce it correctly. The word “patriarchy” just is not a part of their normal everyday thought or speech. Men who have heard and know the word usually associate it with women’s liberation, with feminism, and therefore dismiss it as irrelevant to their own experiences. I have been standing at podiums talking about patriarchy for more than thirty years. It is a word I use daily, and men who hear me use it often ask me what I mean by it.

Nothing discounts the old antifeminist projection of men as all-powerful more than their basic ignorance of a major facet of the political system that shapes and informs male identity and sense of self from birth until death.

bell hooks, “Understanding Patriachy” (via heteroglossia)

what a problem

Damnit! I just finished my “from dusk till dawn” yaoi fanfiction. Sorry guys no sexy vampires for u.


what a problem

Damnit! I just finished my “from dusk till dawn” yaoi fanfiction. Sorry guys no sexy vampires for u.

do you have any advice for baby radfems?


read things *outside* of tumblr. it can be a great place to learn some basics and follow other radfems, but it’s also full of a lot of bullshit. has a lot of great free ebooks. i recommend reading anything you can find by Sheila Jeffreys and Andrea Dworkin.

also, don’t feel any pressure to be “out” as a radfem if you do not feel ready, comfortable, or safe to do so, either online or in real life. there are a lot of insane trans/queer gender warriors that literally want us dead just for being outspoken women, so always do what you need to do to stay safe <3

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you will ever have.
Eckhart Tolle (via youhauntyourbagofbones)
Early Detransition = Hyper-vulnerability to Sex Role Stereotypes


As I watch other women go through the early stages of detransition, I see some familiar patterns playing out and I wish there was something that I could do to spare other women from some of my own pitfalls.

Pitfall. That’s really the word. It was a long fall into that pit. It’s hard for me to call my early stages “detransition,” even. It was more like re-transition. It was the same gender-obsessed paradigm.

I believed that if I was going to stop my transition and stop “living as a man,” then I had to “live as a woman” instead—and I had a very trans-inflected understanding of what that meant. In other words, there was really only one way to “live as a woman,” and that was hyper-conformity to sex role stereotypes.

Maybe because it’s impossible to change sex, and what we primarily change is others’ perception of our sex via the “window dressing”-so there was a lingering confusion in me about what it meant to be a woman (i.e., conflation with the “window dressing”). And the rhetoric of “a woman is anyone who says she is a woman” seemed only to apply to the males making that assertion; it didn’t seem applicable to me.

In my early stages of detransition, I was still firmly ensconced in a trans community. In a way this was like being an alcoholic who tries to stop drinking but keeps going to the same bar and hanging out with her drinking buddies every night. Really the better analogy would be that I switched from vodka to beer—that other analogy is more like what happens with women who go back into their transition, or switch to “genderqueer,” etc. because they don’t see anywhere else to go. (I’ve also had a brush with that fate which I might tell you about some other time.)

In my case, medicalizing my sex and gender dysphoria exacerbated them both immensely. Because all of my body and gender dysphoria was rooted in the part that related to my primary sex characteristics, and nothing could make that “right” as dictated by my dissociative delusions. So making changes to the secondary issues only led me to become increasingly obsessed with the minutiae of my secondary sex characteristics and to social “gender” dynamics, to a degree that I never had been before—and made the “wrongness” of my primary sex characteristics seem all the more “wrong” for that. It was a carnival mirror horrorshow, like being on the wrong end of many fish-eye lenses and microscopes trained precisely at every location of my shame.

That obsession with the physical minutiae, and my hyper-focus on trying to manipulate my body and my social “gender” became more than habitual. They became obsessive and compulsive thought patterns and behaviors.

Rereading this, I notice that the prefix “hyper” and variations on the word “obsession” proliferate through the paragraphs. That droning repetition is mimetic to the experience I’m trying to describe.

Suffice to say that I could not stop my brain from continuing with these habits, even as I attempted to shift their focus and aims. I tried hyper-conformity with female sex-role stereotypes instead—as learned from mtfs.

I knew, vaguely, that it was a form of self-harm. I knew it was not what I “wanted.” But the radiqueer/trans community I was in was (shockingly!) also very enthusiastically sadomasochistic, so the fact that I was doing something I didn’t want to do was simply twisted in a kinky way, and therefore good. Right? I was just getting into lifestyle humiliation via “gender” as a choosey-choice. (Topic for another day: the link between sadomasochism and gender obsession.)

My sex dysphoria persisted, of course, as did my profound belief that I was not female. But my gender dysphoria mutated.

I don’t know if I have ever in my life been more vulnerable and susceptible to the compulsory “femininity” directive. I was never good at “girling” as defined by my misogynist culture, so I worked hard to improve, to establish formulas and equations for how to perform femininity. I developed obsessive rituals toward that end. Nobody knew what my face actually looked like because I “had to” cover it with every kind of makeup there was (I didn’t know what kinds to use, so I “had to” default to “all of them”). This became a mask and helped me dissociate, which let me bury my feelings and the part of me that was fighting to keep alive. I was flat-chested, so I wore false breasts. This helped me depersonalize when I got harassed. (It wasn’t actually me they were leering at, after all. It wasn’t really my body they were grabbing.) I had no aesthetic sense in terms of fashion, so I studied women who appeared to, and then decided that I couldn’t be trusted with this stuff so I had better just make everything “match.” I developed queer theories about bodies actually being made of clothes. I looked like a bizarre performance art experiment for this entire period.

And I had this sense of rage simmering, semi-conscious, just beneath the lacquered surface. You want “target?” I’ll show you “target!” Because, of course, that is what stereotypical “femininity” consists of.

Then after awhile I started letting my testosterone-induced beard grow out at the same time that I kept up these elaborate rituals. That was an interesting time. Men’s violence toward me took on a variation of its usual theme.

Eventually things shifted for me, and I stopped this form of self-harm, but that early period was just another chapter in the long emergency of my “gender identity” crisis. When I see other detransitioning women immediately get into some new gender-orthodox situation—fundamentalist religions with strict sex-role rules; hyper-femininity and hyper-conformity to compulsory heterosexuality; butch/femme; etc.—all of this just echoes back to me. I get why they do it, and I feel grateful that I’ve been able to come out the other side.

I am grateful that the idea of “living as a woman” really doesn’t signify for me anymore. I’m an adult human female, so I’m a woman. If I’m breathing, I’m living as a woman. Even though I have/have had sex dysphoria. Even though I am “gender nonconforming” and wouldn’t paint a “femininity” target on myself the way I used to, if you paid me. Even though I am an outlier among females in some profound ways. Even though I have passed as male. Nothing I do or feel can ever make me not a woman. Once that would have sounded like the worst kind of trap, but it turns out that knowledge is crucial to taking the power out of all forms of gender obsession for good. Being able to somatize this knowledge has fundamentally altered my relationship to even my sex dysphoria.

tl;dr: When you’re identifying as “trans” there are all these rules and strictures for how to perform it, and when you first detransition you might go towards things that replicate that structure in harmful ways—unless you go to the root of the issue and have some really good support in doing so. Also, “woman=adult human female” saves my life daily.

One in Twelve


One in Twelve

One in twelve trans people is murdered in their lifetime–one in eight trans women of color.

You’ve heard this statistic, right? It comes up in just about any argument in which trans people want to talk about their experience of oppression. It’s a horrifying statistic.

It’s also completely, demonstrably untrue–and its propagation has pernicious racist, sexist, and classist effects. Strap yourselves in, kiddos, ’cause we’re going on a ride to Statisticsville, population YOU.

According to the best estimates available from trans* sources about the prevalence of transgenderism in the United States, approximately .3 percent of Americans identify as transgender. That gives us a figure of just barely under a million trans people out of the 313 million folks living in the U.S. today. Now, out of that number, some percentage of these people will be out. Some of them are still babies, so they’re only going to come out later. Some of them may never come out due to oppression, so let’s say that of this million, only half of them ever actually show that they’re trans in a way that would potentially lead to a hate crime.

That’d leave us with half a million trans people who would be out enough for trans hatred to manifest in terrible ways. For the 1 in 12 statistic to be accurate, 41,667 of that half million would be murdered. If the full million were out, the number is, of course, twice that high–83,333.

Now, we do have statistics about how many trans people have actually been murdered, but under-reporting is a concern. The National Transgender Day of Remembrance has documented just 15 cases of trans people being murdered in the United States last year. However, many people believe that most of the murders of transgender people may be misreported as violence against gay or lesbian people. According to our best statistics, 30 people were murdered because of their sexual orientation or identity last year.

Now, let’s assume that every one of those murders was of a trans person, and that furthermore, the actual rate is double due to underreporting–that sixty trans people are killed every year, just for being trans, out of the 500,000 out trans people in the United States. That’s an annual rate of 12 per 100,000. Even using these statistics that have been weighted heavily toward indicating a higher murder rate, it would take an out trans lifespan of about 700 years for the 1 in 12 rate to be true. We’re talking about an exaggeration of the statistics that, in the very least, represents trans activists and their allies blindly quoting a statistic that is overestimating the actual murder rate by ten times. Even with the most generous readings possible of available statistics, the maximum chance a trans person has of being murdered in the United States is less than 1 in 100.

To put it another way, let’s assume that every out trans person has an average of 65 years in which they are out enough to risk violence for their identity (which is, again, weighted in favor of the trans* people and their allies–if we assumed a significantly shorter out time, the rate would need to be significantly higher per year). This would require that in an average of 641 murders of trans people would have to occur–that in fact, in a year like 2011, in which 12,664 murders occurred according to the FBI, one in every 19 murders would be of a trans person.

Let’s talk about another group in America: black males. Black males in the United States have a lifespan of 70.8 years. Recent crime statistics show that nearly half of murder victims–5416 in 2011–were black males. With around 19 million black males in the United States, this means that 1 in 3500 black males in the United States will be murdered this year alone, if we stay on par with 2011. Over a lifespan of 70.8 years, this would mean that black males born today, assuming murder numbers and population stayed constant, have a…carry the 1…let’s see here.

Oh yes, about a 1 in 49 chance of being murdered in the United States. Over twice the rate that trans people are murdered.

When trans activists claim that they’re being murdered at a rate of 1 in 12, they’re trying to claim the gold medal in the Oppression Olympics just by making up their own statistics. In so doing, they’re leapfrogging their own oppression over groups of people whose murder rates are actually substantially higher than theirs. For example, black women, while not murdered at the same rates as black men, are still significantly more likely to be murdered in their lifetimes than trans women. Prostitutes, as a class, are significantly more likely to be murdered than trans women, when we’re using statistics that have any basis in reality.

But by using this 1 in 12 figure, what trans activists do is proclaim that they are being oppressed all out of proportion with other groups. It’s a statistic meant to be alarming, meant to make people think that trans oppression is especially bad, that it is much, much worse than oppression of many other oppressed classes. These made-up statistics, so easily debunked, should be something people are ashamed to repeat–except that they’re not. You can see this statistic all over the internet, and every time it’s used, remind yourself that you’re seeing activists exploiting murders and making up hundreds of crimes that never happened just so that they can have immediate attention paid to their oppression, rather than the oppression of others being murdered at higher actual rates.

Never trust trans activists. They also claim that Lupron is save and reversible.

I fucking despise bisexual blogs



All that whining about da evil monosexuals.

That’s one of the reasons I’m never going to be a bisexual activist.

Get the fuck out of my face with this bull shit

Then don’t reblog this post you fucking moron.

Every person is a unique, multifaceted, sometimes even contradictory individual, and with such an astonishing range of personality traits within each sex, and across contexts, social class, age, experience, education level, sexuality, and ethnicity, it would be pointless and meaningless to attempt to pigeonhole such rich complexity and variability into two crude stereotypes.
Cordelia Fine, Delusions Of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, And Neurosexism Create Difference (via somewhereinaburstofglory)
I lost 2 followers over that bisexual post

Good! People who think that homosexuals have privilege over bisexuals in society and oppress them should stay the fuck away from my blog!

I fucking despise bisexual blogs

All that whining about da evil monosexuals.

That’s one of the reasons I’m never going to be a bisexual activist.

I'd like the gender warriors to try this gender neutral language thing with Russian. I just want them to try and then watch their heads implode. It's literally impossible because our verbs (and adjectives) are ALL gendered. Go ahead glitterqueers, amuse me.


They will find some shitty obscure way or just invent new words.