Sexual dimorphism is a cissexist conspiracy! >:-(
The idea that gender is natural is conservative, and the idea that gender is voluntarily chosen is insulting. Tell a victim of corrective rape that gender is voluntary. Tell any survivor of rape, the overwhelming majority of which are female, that being a woman is a fun set of clothing and behavior choices that she could reject identification with if she chose. Tell a preteen girl whose body is beginning to develop that the constant sexual assault at school, the constant leering and harassment from grown men, and the constant cultural messages telling her to starve herself, they’re all just part of her freely chosen identity as a woman.
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A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

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I think about this quote a lot

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all forms of shipping are disgusting and shameful


i was thinking the other day. trans advocates say "allllllll i asked you very nicely to do was just EXAMINE why you would refuse sex with a penis" but here's the thing. When A asks B to examine their behavior, BUILT IN to that phrasing is the expectation that A expects B to see reason and change their behavior. the answer "I have examined my reasons and found that they are valid" is never an accepted one in that conversation. for A to pretend otherwise is grossly disingenuous.


Very true. The implication, as you say, is for that “examination” to yield a changed result.

For example, if I tell a student I’m tutoring to “examine their formula”, the insinuation is that, well, they’ve made a mistake somewhere and the answer is incorrect.

So for trans activists to tell lesbians to “examine their attraction”, they’re making the same insinuation, that it’s wrong and as a result, the response is ALSO incorrect.

Which would be great, except it’s not. It’s naive to assume that lesbians haven’t already “examined” why we’re not sexually attracted to male-bodied individuals and male anatomy. That’s why we call ourselves lesbians; it’s not an arbitrary decision because we’re new at school and want to be popular and think calling ourselves lesbians will achieve that. If THAT’S what they think, then they need to turn off the Faking It and turn on the news, where lesbians are harassed, attacked and murdered as a reaction to our sexuality.

So you’re right. It’s completely unconscionable, but as you say: I wonder what they’d do if someone DID go, “yep, examined it, still not down for your dick.”

It’s a shame that lesbians have to discuss things like this in the first place.

Horny entitled males trying to control womens attraction. Lesbians need to defend themselves for refusing dick. Holy shit. The T is so fucking toxic for the lgb (mostly for the l). It’s a nightmare.


guinea pigs (by Enesa. 7)


guinea pigs (by Enesa. 7)

B-but what about intersex people?!

ancient trans/genderqueer activist proverb



Yeah, what about us? You literally do not give a flying fuck about us until we’re convenient to make a point regarding gender identity politics. Then we’re the magical third sex, the proof that people can be female while being male or vice versa. Only THEN are we worth mentioning.

The thing that irks me is that only our existence is worth a casual mention. Not our trauma, the unneeded and/or unwanted surgeries, the constant reminders that SOMETHING about us wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH AS IT WAS. That we didn’t fit into a neat little bullshit box of boy or girl so parts of us were stripped away and removed to make the box fit us better. 

The fact that things about us were so wrong, so abnormal and not right that our bodies, our genitals were cut into, excised, pulled back, tucked and stitched should be offensive. It should offend you to hear that children, persons under the age of eighteen, were forced to undergo unnecessary, painful surgeries just to make their parents feel better. JUST TO GIVE THEIR PARENTS A MORE DEFINED SENSE OF WHETHER OR NOT THEY HAD A BOY OR GIRL. 

Even though there is nothing wrong about us.

So no, not ‘what about intersex people?’ You do not have the right to speak about us in such a fashion and certainly not over us. We aren’t political puppets. We’re people. We matter. 

The cops in Ferguson recently arrested 2 german news reporters

The “reason” is because they were standing on a nearly empty street. They walked away but still got arrested.


At least now it’s over with the “pro cops” attitude in our news.

The funny thing about people who say that trans women's brains are "just like females' brains" so "trans women are female" is... how did they define the control group? I mean, they have this class of people who are called "female," but how did they KNOW that those people were "female" so they could compare the trans women's brains to the "females'" brains. The obvious answer is that sex = reproductive gonads, and even trans women don't believ what they're saying about "brain sex."



You raise an excellent point. Without a control group, using a small sample size, with long term hormonal ingestion…to attempt to confirm a misogynist hypothesis.

Yeah, brain sex is nonsense.



Not to mention, I find it quite unsettling that queer theorists preach that you should be able to define your identity (and the boundaries within that definition,) but as soon as lesbians start speaking, that ideology goes away. We must accept the term “queer,” we must accept dick, we must be trans men or genderfluid, we must share our language, we must share our spaces, we must stop recognizing our biological female existence.

When people say “You’ve changed” there’s a 95% chance that you just stopped acting the way they wanted you to.
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Before I got into radical feminism

I used to hate girls/women who wore things like tons of make up, revealing dresses, high heels and so on. I thought they where all b*tches and sl*uts. I really hated them.

Years later I’m still angry that I thought like this. Now I feel so protective of women no matter how they look. Radical feminism really changes your view on females and that’s a great thing.

read the manga
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The two men who will save the Silent Hill franchise

Shigeru Miyamoto and Santa Claus

(I wonder how many think I’m serious…)